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 Full Nuvoryn Review



So what do we know about the company?

Well once again I’ve picked a product that seems to have quite a few of you very angry and misled with them portraying their product as being revolutionary with 9 all natural Ingredients. When we scratch beneath the surface and look on other sites an alarming message of scam comes to the front of my mind!!

2 weeks ago I sent their so called marketing department an e.mail asking them to respond to my question relating to customer testimonials and asking whether they are legitimate ones or paid testimonials. Strangely 2 weeks on I have had no reply to that e.mail and it looks like many of you who have tried to contact them for other reasons have had the same problems.

When you look on the google search engine they always seem to be incredibly high on not just their own keywords but many other diet pill brands!! Maybe its paid adverts that get them so high up because its not anything else.


Who owns Nuvoryn?

Trying to establish who owns the company or who manufacturers the product has been incredibly difficult so at this precise time writing and collating this information I’m unable to give you those facts. As you can see this hasn’t started very positively for this particular diet Pill but hopefully it may have some benefits that other ones don’t have!!

Hold on just one minute it seems the company that makes or brands Nuvoryn is called Nathans Naturals and based in Dedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. When I look further into this I find that many have contacted or left real comments regarding their own experiences with the company.


What the Company says about Nuvoryn

Well this again is very interesting and slightly concerning on their part, they firstly make out that all nine handpicked and most effective Ingredients that make up Nuvoryn  “will truly make you lose weight naturally”, but then they say it comes from a proprietary blend which in layman terms means it’s most likely been reduced in its quality and strength.

They then move on to say that each Ingredient that they have used in their Diet Pill quote “ is a proven weight loss agent” how on earth can they make a statement like that!! Certainly some Ingredients within the makeup of a diet pill has the ability to Increase the metabolic rate but to state that all are is crazy.

They then move on to discussing its excellent reputation within the medical community but at no time do they back any of their statements with fact, its all full of hot air again. We would all like to know which Doctors are recommending this Diet Pill because once again there is no evidence to back this up.

By the way the Doctor in the picture below or not as the case maybe got so bored he decided he couldn’t listen to anymore rubbish and went for his lunch!

Here is another quote from them but please try to restrain yourself from laughing


Doctors prefer Nuvoryn because it provides them with a way to help patients lose weight and suppress appetite without prescribing them risky chemical drugs that may cause hormonal imbalance. We’ve received many enthusiastic reports from doctors and their patients throughout the country regarding the results of Nuvoryn.






If any of you have bought this and have read this review I would really suggest you ask the company directly to make available these “enthusiastic reports from Doctors and their patients”. I would make a calculated guess that they wouldn’t materialize!



What the real customers said?

I think after reading this review and especially the honest reviews of customers that have purchased this will give you an insight into the product and the aftersales service that is available or maybe isn’t !!

After not hearing back from the company “Nathans Naturals” I did a little Investigation work of my own. I recognised the area code in the telephone number as I had spent some time in the UK not to far away from the Bedford area  so when I found more info mainly from disgruntled customers the jigsaw started to piece together.

Here are some comments made by members of the public who all have had dealings with either purchasing Nuvoryn or never receiving what they order!!


Maria Gammidge
Thrapston, Northamptonshire, England
United Kingdom


I purchased this item knowing that there was a, no quibble, full money back, guarantee. Unfortunately, I was wrong. When I realised that I had ordered in error, I quickly returned the item. After a long wait without hearing anything, I decided to phone and e-mail the supplier. I have called most days now for about three and a half weeks or so. The call centre forward the message (or so they tell me…) saying that someone will contact me; no-one ever has. There have been no replies to my many e-mails. It is obvious this is some kind of scam and this has to be stopped; FAST!





Joan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 South Africa


I agree . I also ordered the Product on the 1ts of may and Got notification on the 2nd that the product has been shipped . I have called the UK no and Have spoken to a Barry and a TOM . and they assured me that they will check with Shipping . Still no response . I think this is a scam and I agree needs to be stopped. How can we get our money back




Agnes Nag
United States


Hi everyone, I see I am not the only one who got disappointed with ordering Nuvoryn. I am the same situation. I was taking this s**t for three months as I believed it but nothing happened and now I cannot contact them. It seems they disappeared. Please can anyone tell me how to get my money back?





So you can certainly see that this has come from a local source, so all I will say is these look like pretty genuine comments but you just never can tell, so be careful and if in doubt contact the website directly to verify.

It looks to me like this isn’t the best company when it comes to customer care and refunding customers.


Nuvoryn Side Effects

Before taking any Dietary supplement you should take advice from your Dr or healthcare professional  and not the invisible one above in the picture!

  • They say that all the Ingredients are natural and shouldn’t cause any adverse effects, nevertheless I would still consult your Dr and make sure you don’t react to any of the Ingredients
  • Pregnant women need to be careful as some of the Ingredients could cause some to react or be sensitive to them
  • Diabetics again would be advised to speak to a Dr regarding the safety of this product
  • People with Heart conditions would again be advised to contact your Health Professional as certain Ingredients could cause increased heart rate
  • Anyone who suffers from  allergic reactions may again need to discuss this before taking this product



Nuvoryn Ingredients 
  • Green Tea –  There have been trials that have shown that it Increases the metabolism which may aid weight loss
  • Guarana-    This is a stimulant and has twice the amount of caffeine than coffee
  • Damiana-   This is a shrub from south western Texas but  It looks like this has been banned in the state of Louisiana and also a product called Black Mamba which contains Damiana is being looked at in the UK. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that this helps in weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate-   Tree native to South Americans and mixed with Guarana and Damiana it’s claimed it helps with weight loss
  • Acai-   A berry found in South America but claims of weight loss have been highly exaggerated
  • Resveratrol-   this is an Anti- Oxidant that is found in grapes and there are suggestions it helps boos endurance
  • Siberian Ginseng-   No evidence that this helps weight loss or appetite suppression


I added Hoodia as they forgot to include this in their 9 Ingredients!!


  • Unreliable Information regarding testimonials
  • Poor Customer care
  • They state 9 Ingredients but one is missing on website!! HOODIA
  • Many of the Ingredients have no evidence of promoting weight loss
  • To many outlandish statements that cant be backed up