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Does Anoretix Work?

This is the question on many peoples lips as just taking this diet pill supplement on it’s own will not reduce weight and suppress appetite. What has to be looked at is your overall health and exercise plan so this is the key for consistent weight loss not just relying on a so called magic pill!!

As many diet pill supplements sold on the Internet have little or no clinical studies behind them, those being the ones over the counter not prescription diet pills it makes you think is Anoretix going to be following the same path as many of these suspect diet supplements.

The company states that this is a quote  “revolutionary appetite suppressant and weight loss compound” sounds interesting with 9 patent Ingredients that quite frankly would baffle most Nutritionists and Chemists as it looks like a lot of hot air but before I cast any real criticism  there needs to be an understanding of what it’s really meat to do. Are these Ingredients that we will be looking at in a moment needed and do they all work effectively together to go some way to reducing weight loss.


Who are Gadd Formulas?

The name Gadd Formulas is to some perceived as a company that offers great deals and free trials but as you look around certain review sites or in particular unhappy reviews it isn’t for pleasant reading. So who are Gadd Formulas and why so much controversy within the Diet Pill market?

When you type in a search for this organization many searches of Rip Off, Scams etc come up so it’s only right I clarify and try to shed a little light on why they seem to have such a bad name in this Industry! This link gives you an idea of their business credibility but certainly there are other companies that have also not got the best rating with this organization.

What I do find quite concerning is the amount of negative comments by so called customers that have purchased their products and just so your aware when you do look for a reputable product, Gadd Formulas produce around 6-7 brands so be extremely vigilant when looking to purchase.

The following products all have some association with Gadd Formulas;  Deca Slim, Anoretix, Apidextra, Apidexin, Liporexa and many more but these are the key products that you need to be aware of.

The main issues with customers have been the problems with taking payments from credit cards not refunding the full amounts and general time wasting in dealing with consumer complaints.

The following link shows some comments made by so called customers but cant verify if this is accurate, you’ll have to make your own mind up but there does seem to be a majority of people who have had some bad experiences with there products and the company themselves.



Anoretix Ingredients

Looking at the above and the 9 patent Ingredients we’ll endeavor to find out if these weird and wonderful names actually mean anything! What I think this company and many try to do is confuse and so many times we unravel what’s actually in the make up of the product and it often turns out to be unsubstantiated garbage.

  • Super Citrimax:  This is a super strength plant extract that contains hydroxycitric acid, this is claimed to increases serum serotonin levels which aids mood and sleep
  • Tonalin:  Or best known as CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)

There are concerns that the use of CLA supplements by extremely overweight people may tend to cause or to aggravate insulin resistance, which may increase their risk of developing diabetes.[10] Commercially available supplements contain equal mixtures of two CLA isomers: the cis-9, trans-11 isomer (also known as rumenic acid, the predominant CLA isomer in milk and beef), as well as the trans-10, cis-12 (t10c12) isomer. All other isomers ratios found in the scientific literature are not commercially available. The trans-10, cis-12 isomer is linked to many adverse side effects. Research indicates that supplementation with t10c12 CLA dramatically increases rates of oxidative stress, to levels considerably higher than that observed in heavy smokers.[10]


  • 7-Keto: Well this has potential side effects and is banned by the World Anti- Doping Agency, there is also a lack evidence supporting it’s use as a weight loss Ingredient

7-Keto is marketed as a dietary supplement with the implication that it may accelerate weight loss, increase metabolism, enhance memory, or prevent age-related changes


  • Bioperine:  Lack of information but could be a derivative of black pepper but apart from that no Idea!!
  • Advantra Z:  No info available ( contact manufacturer for more)
  • Neopuntia: From dehydrated cactus leaves, there are claims that it helps interact with fat!! what does that mean. Stay clear from any Ingredient that doesn’t back up what it states
  • Chromemate:  Generically called chromium nicotinate, chromium polynicotinate or chromium niacin-bound, this may suppress appetite and lower cholesterol  but these are only claims
  • Foreslean:  This is another that is supposed to reduce cholesterol levels but no real evidence and also potential side effects such as low blood pressure and headaches!! BE CAREFUL.

Have a look at some other reviews

Anoretix Side Effects

First things first, with any diet pill supplement the air of caution should always be considered as many people may have existing health conditions that aren’t conducive to taking these types of products or there maybe certain Ingredients that could effect that person. So it’s imperative that all adults over 18 should be discussing this with their Doctor or Health Professional before considering ordering.

The possible implications of taking this or any other type of Dietary Supplement could and can be extremely harmful especially if someone has the Illness of Diabetes, or an existing heart condition. These are two that can cause problems especially as other medication would be taken in conjunction with the diet pill. Another consideration would be pregnant mothers and again we would advise not to take these products without firstly consulting your Doctor, but to be safe it might be better to look at other healthier alternatives during pregnancy.


How Much Is Anoretix?

We will endeavor to clarify to you the most competitive place to purchase this product. Most Diet pill supplements tend to be sold either singularly or in packs of two or three giving you a discount !!

Here are the prices that you should be paying and they will differ from Amazon, Ebay and direct with the supplier.

  • 1  Pack          $49.99
  • 2 Packs         $89.99
  • 3 Packs         $129.99


A word of advice when buying Anoretix as there are often hidden prices on delivery, especially if you live outside the US!! You will often have to pay tax on the product when it comes through customs as I found out when reviewing a product so different countries will have different laws but please read the small details before spending your money.


Where To Buy Anoretix

Having had a general search on the web it does sound to me that the best bet for purchasing this product if you really think it worth parting with your hard earned money then it would probably be Amazon or Ebay but a word of advice, I have no concrete proof but I believe that the sellers on Ebay or in particular E Supplements which are from Orem in Utah are the same company, make your own conclusion on that one.

Amazon looks a similar situation so at least you want have the hassle if your purchasing with them as you would if you went direct at their web site.



Would Diet Supplements Revealed recommend Anoretix? Well here are the advantages and disadvantages but I hope after reading this review you will consider carefully before making the purchase


Lets now look at the evidence

  • Available through Amazon
  • Poor Consumer reviews
  • Confusing Ingredients
  • Limited Contact details


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